Loyalty Rewards

Ranks Minimum Purchase Discount Percent Bonus Prints Bonus Original Art Discount Code
Cardinal $50 5% 0 0 cardinal
Owl $250 10% 1 0 owl
Flamingo $500 15% 1 0 flamingo
Peacock $750 20% 2 0 peacock
Raven $1500 25% 2 1 raven
Phoenix $2500 30% 3 2 phoenix

Accounts are manually added after qualifying purchases; please allow 1-2 days before using codes you may qualify for, use the contact page for any questions.

  • Minimum purchase does not include sales tax or shipping that may apply to your orders. It is the total accumulation of the subtotals of all your orders purchased. (Ex. If you made two purchases; one had the subtotal of $30 and the other was $45, you would have a total of $75 and you qualify for the Cardinal Rank)

  • Discount Percent is on the total purchase not each individual item.

  • Bonus Prints/Original Art are extra rewards that are included with every one of your future orders. They are items that can only be received through the rewards program.

  • Discount codes do not stack, only one code can be used at a time.